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Victoria Dougherty is the author of The Bone Church, Welcome to the Hotel Yalta, The Hungarian, Breath, Of Sand and Bone, Savage Island and Cold. She writes fiction, drama, and essays that revolve around lovers, killers, curses, and destinies. Her work has been published or profiled in the New York Times, USA Today, The International Herald Tribune, and elsewhere. Her blog – COLD – features her short essays on faith, family, love, and writing. WordPress, the blogging platform that hosts some 70 million blogs worldwide, has singled out COLD as one of the Top 50 Recommended Blogs by writers or about writing.

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Savage Island

The island of Niue, 1944.

A powerful passion. An ancient artifact. An endless cycle of death and rebirth.

Meet the ancient lovers who are driven to search for one another throughout history! 

“Hauntingly beautiful, mystical, absolutely mesmerizing. I could not put this book down!”

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Passion. History. Immortality.

From the author of “The Bone Church,” comes a stunning new series about a girl, a boy, and the price of eternal love.

“Dougherty’s vivid descriptions engage the senses and pull readers into each scene.”  –Book Life, Publisher’s Weekly




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Of Sand and Bone

The story of a girl, her lover, and a killer’s quest through time.

Book 2 of the BREATH series follows Nif and Sherin to their new lives in 1902 Cairo, where their fates take a terrifying turn.

“An epic tale of love, vengeance and pursuit that spans the continents and the ages. An immensely enjoyable page turner.”

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Welcome to the Hotel Yalta

Dashing spies, deadly assassins, beautiful dames. When you’re alone in the cold, passion and betrayal are commodities and love hangs on by an icy thread.

Welcome to the Hotel Yalta is a white-knuckle tour de force of Cold War noir.



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The Bone Church

In a time of danger and distrust, two lovers seek redemption…and a way back to each other. 

“Possibly one of the darkest and most sophisticated historical novels you’ll be able to put your hands on.” Mina DeCaro,


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The Hungarian

While vacationing in Greece in 1956, Lily Tassos, the hard-partying daughter of a powerful arms dealer, has a sudden change in plans…

“If Quentin Tarantino were to put together a novel from Ian Fleming and John Le Carre source material, it would read a lot like ‘The Hungarian’.”



The Dissenter ​

What People Want From Fiction, And The Art Of Worldbuilding


“In this case heavy is good, very good.”

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“THE BONE CHURCH (Pier’s Court Press, April 2014) by debut author Victoria Dougherty is possibly one of the darkest and most sophisticated historical novels you’ll be able to put your hands on.”

Mina DeCaro
Mina’s Bookshelf

“This novel has it all….an addictive jaunt into a world of paranoia, deceit, mistrust, and then the ultimate betrayal. I really really really loved this book!”

“Dougherty (The Hungarian) develops a smoothly flowing narrative. Her vivid descriptions (such as pieces of green coconut that “look like shards of the moon”) engage the senses and pull readers into each scene. Romance and fantasy fans will appreciate the eloquent prose, historical accuracy, and diverse cast.” Book Life, Publisher’s Weekly

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Lovers, Killers, Curses and Destinies

In the profile on her blog site, Victoria Dougherty writes that she comes from “the ultimate Cold War family”, a description it would be hard to disagree with.

Victoria Dougherty on Radio Prague

modern love

Victoria’s New York Time Modern Love Essay: The Wrong Kind of Inheritance

Love Essay

Be a Man and Pick Up a Book

According to recent statistics, men have all but stopped reading fiction. Do they watch great television? Yes. Do they read non-fiction? Some.

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